We are a Collective/Netlabel based out of Florida (US) representing various styles of electronic music from around the globe. Our current main means of distribution is on the Internet via MP3; however, we do have a few of our releases on CD available via other distributors and labels. Some of the styles our artists produce include Breaks, Downtempo, IDM, Industrial, Dubstep, Electro, House, Glitch, Hip Hop, Atmospheric/Ambient, Nu-Jazz, and a few other experimental electronic hybrids in between.

We believe in sound fluidity that can encompass all music genres.


Our philosophy is based mainly on being a free music label, so feel free to re-distribute our tracks and spread them around to friends or anyone interested in this type of music. We believe that music should not be a result of what is commercializable or sounds which the general populous appeals to, but an expression of an artist’s creative inner sights. All the music on our site is copyrighted under the Creative Commons License which encourages the distribution of our music for all non-commercial purposes – Please click on the (cc) logo on the frontpage.


Electronic music is always at a constant progressional shift into futuredom, as it an artform that shifts forward with every technological breakthrough in the latest hardware or software gadgetry. Musical styles nowadays are now becoming so intertwined and meshed together that they can be compared as mere colors to a painter’s palette. The future holds an infinite mass of aural madness.


If you are a music publisher or label who wishes to re-release some of the music from any of the artists on here, please contact the according artists individually or otherwise contact: Demos AT Lacedmilk.Com


We are always seeking out new artists and guests from other labels who are interested in having their music released or collaborating on projects. We do prefer mp3 submissions as we may listen to your music on a quicker basis, but MP3/CDR demos are also acceptable as they be also be send to us via postal mail.

Send Tracks to: Demos AT Lacedmilk.Com